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What if Trump Isn't Actually Avoiding The Media?
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Capture of NBC News front page featuring article about Trump avoiding the media.

If he talks to the people directly why does he need to talk to journalists?

As depicted above an NBC news page opens with the report that Donald Trump is "still avoiding journalists" after Trump released a Thanksgiving Day video, right past them, on You Tube.

It got me thinking, what if Trump isn't actually avoiding journalists? What if social media is the actual way that Trump intends to connect with the public, like, forever? And if that is true then it is fair to say that he's not really "avoiding" the media -- after all, the TV networks and newspapers are all free to report on his tweets and You Tube videos right? He's just not directly relying on them to dispense himself.

Who needs the traditional networks when you can broadcast yourself?

I think we are experiencing an interesting change in the relationship between politicians and the traditional press with Trump leading the way. Trump so far has been quite content and clearly effective at producing authentic communication between himself and the public on Twitter.

And when I say authentic I mean authentic. Many politicians are using social media to get their messages out but most of those I know of rely on posi-spin miniaturized "press release" formats. Carefully crafted communication that is contorted smoothly to avoid offending or making the office holder somehow vulnerable.

Trump's tweets, however ill-advised, are like one-on-one declarations. If imperfect in original form, they can be corrected in a follow up. The impulsive nature of his Twitter posts make it feel like he's talking to you directly.

As near as I can tell Trump can sail the next four years without ever having to meet a journalist in person. I suspect there is a bevy of reasons this is not a good idea for him or anyone of high public office to take advantage of, but it would be interesting for him to try by lark so that we could see how effective it is and to find out what some of the bad reasons actually wind up being. Maybe they aren't so bad whatever they are.

I am still compelled to tail my posts on Trump with a reminder I did not vote for him over his threats to repeal Obamacare, and because I did not like a certain faction of his followers. But I do appreciate his embrace of social media and his dare to self-manage his outward presence in a way that leaves the "old press" on the sidelines.

Where I Land On Trump Presidency
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I just got asked in Facebook if I'm happy with our new president. My response is a great summary response for this platform.

My straightforward answer is no, we could have had a better kinder change agent. But, I am not opposed to giving him a chance, or, at least, acknowledging that he has clear appeal and that those to whom he appeals voted legitimately. It's difficult for me to "protest" as long as what brought us here is the same system that I would have counted on to keep him away.

Whether we acknowledge it or not the previous "establishment" was in fact working on the very same problems and mitigating the trappings of perfect execution (cost, political push back, international considerations). Trump will face and have to contend with the same constraints and somehow be a genius, or perhaps phenomenally reckless, at overcoming them just as much.

Ultimately his term in office will be the judge.

Right now I'm looking to harvest his time in office for anything positive that aligns with my worldview. Just this morning I tweeted out to my "rail" Twitter accounts about the hope his promise to focus on infrastructure could mean the advancement of high speed rail and local projects for instance. I have also always liked his rhetoric about rescuing good people and families from the danger of inner city living with a "law and order" stance. If that happens, that's good too.

I, we, will just have to grit our teeth and hope that the elimination of "abstract value principles" which Trump and very few of his followers take as serious business or perhaps don't have the capacity to appreciate, from all policy development, does not wind back the intellectual and military strength of the nation far enough to incur permanent damage. If he runs away unchecked, a real possibility, he will either directly or indirectly put us all on the path of nuclear war. I think we can bear just about anything else and call it a fair outcome of a democratic process, but if we're flattened or flatten others capciriously because it's cheaper than getting along, it could be said looking back on this entry that I was too pragmatic.

No MSM, Trump is Not Embracing Obamacare
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Just because Donald Trump intends to keep facets, properties, of Obamacare, does not mean that he is not going to repeal it.

Why Am I Defending Trump?

I was not in favor of a Trump President as my long running Twitter account and online commentary will show, but I am as opposed to and increasingly charged to counter, mainstream media message streaming which usually takes the form of headlines that turn into solid narratives. Messaging like that is intended to anger people and one presumes to make sure that emotionalized people click or otherwise tune in. Many also presume that there is an underlying political motive to affect outcomes or drive agendas.

Capture of CNN website front page.

Is this headline fair to anyone, Trump supporter or not?

What's really true then?

When you read past the headline what Trump is really saying is that Obamacare currently factors out "pre-existing conditions" as a basis for denying coverage and allows people to stay on their parent's insurance until they are 26. As such, when he and the Republicans repeal it, they want to replace it with a machine with the same attributes.

See? All that is in contrast to the way the media presents it which sounds more like, by Trump's way, Obamacare as defined by those elements will stay, while some parts are changed.

Just. No.

That's clearly not what Trump is thinking. People can agree or disagree with the prospects of the overhaul as a whole, but making it sound like Trump is backing off one of his flagship commitments just pisses off a lot of conservatives and Trump supporters, and thus promotes the ongoing division that the MSM loves.

Republicans are still Obama's bitches on health care

That grist being gristend what Trump and the Republicans are doing is completely fine by my book. And better, it still lauds Obama as a great leader with respect to health care reform. Had Obama and the Democrats not invented Obamacare and managed to get it implemented, we'd not be having any discussion at all about pre-existing conditions. Had the Republicans been in charge when this all came to be they'd still be sitting on their status quo asses completely content with the unjust health system exactly as it was.

Some Trump supporters are open in a belief that Trump is less than ideal morally or perhaps even temperamentally for the usual presidential role, but that he is an effective cannonball against the establishment that was long needed. They believe (and correctly I suspect) that blowing things up politically and living in and rebuilding from the resulting debri field is somehow better than more of the entrenched Clinton/Bush World which had apparently come to stall prosperity to any wide basis at the individual worker level.

So it is with Obamacare. Obamacare may have (and I stipulate may have) been just as bad as everyone seems to be concluding it is as a whole. But Obama at least led to actionable change and settlement that now has Republicans, and whatever Trump supporters are, at work extending the reformation of health care - not still sitting around on their asses. It would be great to believe that Obama actually solved money-driven health policies completely, but if we have to reduce him to the same "cannonballer" that so many are happy to base the entire office of the presidency on with Trump, then, well, that works. Obama and the Democrats are to be heralded for a job well done.

I Knew Trump Would Win Until I Didn't
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Early on I thought Trump might win. Not that I wanted him to since he had chosen to align himself with the Republicans whose target was Obamacare if they ran things; and I like Obamacare. Obamacare was one of the few reasons I was voting for Hillary aside from Trump's penchant to attract people with the kind of personality and world view I do not like.

Back when he was runninig in the primaries I posted this to Facebook:

...Most people think that if Trump makes it to the general election he won't win but I disagree. At that point the net of people drawn to his edgy charisma will triple with a good segment of normally disenfranchised slave-waging voters electing him just for the drama. Living in a nation Trump destroys (even if it thrives economically) will be every bit as interesting as one he betters. People, particularly the brown shirts Trump's ideology was specifically developed for, love bullies, while others, who have absolutely no investment in the status quo, will follow equal suit. Between the input of these voters combined with those of establishment republicans who will figure "at least he's a conservative", he could beat Hillary

By election night I'd forgotten my own first sentiments, having gotten caught up in the momentum as depicted by the now obviously woeful polling data that put Hillary consistently ahead, save for the oddball poll or two. Like everyone else I was floored by how the actual election played out.

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