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Quick Tour Of New Blog
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Okay so here's a quick look at the new blog.

First, to get this out of the way, you'll notice that aesthetically I've opted for a minimalist design. As a single author with limited time I want my blogging vehicle to resemble something like a pen and notepad ensemble. I just don't want the overhead of trying to make fancy plugins and graphic elements work with my text, yet I want to be neat.

Now for function. At the top you have the masthead. In said masthead you'll notice a series of little icons for various social media and service sites. You can click on any of them to reach my account at those services in order to see my postings or other content. Looking them over you'll quickly deduce that I am a communist pervert; don't judge me, hug me!

If you're looking for my old stuff, check out the archives page(not to be confused with my anchoviespage). It will host archived entries from this blog at some point but it also has links to my old blog content from over the years. I am keenly aware that some of the stuff I've been spouting for nearly a decade plus now is still swamping around in Google, so this arrangement should help those poor bastards seeking a path to it.

Other than that it's the usual stuff. Be sure to check out the projects page for a near complete listing of every web project I've started and if you want to buy any of the brands I've haphazardly tried to rev up, drop me a line. For that use my new same-ish contacts page.

If you think this is all just ridiculous and want to cuss me out in public about it, fine, but first you'll need to register at the registration page.

Mobile Visitors

Visitors should know that while my site looks "okay" on a mobile device (particularly my drab navigational buttons), I do not cater to them. Last year I decided that there should be a class of web presentation that caters solely to those relaxing with a cup of coffee and a desktop or laptop computer. If it ever matters what I type here, slow the flip down, brew yourself a cup of java, sit, stretch, and click around the web to reach this place casually from a large screen. It's a form of online joy that doesn't involve PornHub. And, I want everyone to know I had to add PornHub to my browser's built-in dictionary to make that point.

Anyway, having decided that, I subsequently decided to start the trend by being the first to stress and exemplify the point. If you are a webmaster or potential blogger-to-be consider doing absolutely nothing out of the way for mobile users. And of course I'm not talking about if you're out to make some kind of buck, in which case you need your product to flow far and wide on any damned thing you can get it on. Otherwise it's time to bring people back to casual full-Walrus web surfing and that starts by doing it only on real computers, not wrist watches and such.

How to Share

Status quo institutions are attempting to kill the hyperlink and relegate you to social media. Resist by sharing this content's hyperlink. To share this content copy the URL below to your clipboard and paste it to the medium of your choice. Never let the world forget about the World Wide Web.

Quick Tour Of New Blog
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