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There hasn't been a fresh blog posting in awhile (the page you're looking at kicks in automatically whenever the system notices this. Neat huh? It's an exclusive Battle Blog feature).

Nonetheless you can review the last entry, That's How Bloggers Roll, or any of the other currently active posts in the archive.

Sparse posting is to be expected since I don't actually live in the area and therefore social media sharing is the main vehicle by which the cause of Wilkes-Barre Rail is spread in real-time. Therefore to more effectively follow and engage with the unique Wilkes-Barre Rail voice in the transit rail evolution in Luzerne County, please subscribe/follow to:

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The blog is still active however. This page will be replaced with actual blog content (again, automatically) once there is a new posting which occurs typically when there is something beyond the ordinary or there is something that I as producer feel strongly about. New postings are announced in the channels mentioned above so be sure to subscribe!

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