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Rail Can Make Wilkes-Barre Happy
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The Citizens Voice introduced us to Half Empty, Life in America's Unhappiest City , a You Tube short byby Kenny Luck. The 15 minute film production takes a shot at first qualifying then ruminating over the premise that Wilkes-Barre and Scranton are categorically the unhappiest places in America.

Kenny's short is likely based on the study called out here in July 2014.

Capture of study conclusions.

Scranton is unhappy, so says this neat website (citing a neat study).

No clear consensus exists to explain why the area is so unhappy. In the short the filmmaker explores the region's apparent proclivity to alchoholic good times, a "way it's always been" momentum, and, oddly accented credo to "some guy who hates taxes" - who also admins a Facebook page. Ultimately there is no real conclusion why area residents have to choose between the optimistic seeing the proverbial glass half empty or half full rather than just "clearly full". But I agree with the aura, people in the area just seem angry and dissastisfied.

Half Empty: Life in America's Unhappiest City

Whatever the "why" I do feel one antidote can be a rallying cry for something spectacular and different. Something organic and self-invented, not driven by reaction to a weather catastrophe or embraced because there's a grant tied to it. Something, as far as I am concerned, like any number of proposed rail projects that might transform Wilkes-Barre. Shocking it in fact.


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Rail Can Make Wilkes-Barre Happy
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