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Wilkes-Barre Broke
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Wilkes-Barre went broke this week. Here's the Times Leader and Citizens Voice coverage.

Technically it didn't go bankrupt broke, but in filing for Act 47 Distressed City status to avoid just that sort of thing from happening, bankruptcy was on the horizon.

Mayor Tony George completed the paperwork and sent it to the Department of Community and Economic Development. Now, basically, everyone sits back and waits for the State to begin running city finances.

If the State agrees that is.

Everyone's sexiest conversation right now is how this happened. The anti-taxers (of which consists of both Democrats and Republicans in Wilkes-Barre; the city has been too poor for so long that political identifcation along any philisophical validation of the tax concept has been blended away -- to me, everyone sounds like a fiscal conservative) say that too many people work in local government and have it too good. The city leaders blame union inflexibilities and lack of support from city council members.

To some degree I blame the times, and lack of imagination. Wilkes-Barre has been perpetually on the decline since my childhood such that hitting bottom now, it actually feels kind of good . Now everyone can stop pretending that there are enough people to pay for city services living in or working in Wilkes-Barre. Finally something creative and tangible might be done to fix that.

Like, a modern rail project for example. Like a push for consolidation of many local townships and boroughs into the city proper. The establishment of a countywide sheriff patrol (more a county level baliwick, sure, but the overall composition counts), and the overhaul of Wilkes-Barre itself to specifically connect to New York City and Philadelphia as a sort of bedroom community or education center for either.

As new transit solutions evolve and the cost of living in those cities continue to rise, there's no reason Wilkes-Barre cannot begin to poise itself as a center point between the two regions, and get out of the business of always relying on government grants for this or that to get by.

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Wilkes-Barre Broke
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