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I left Facebook again! I must struggle to consolidate my online content into one place - a domain and hosting service that I and I alone control. I have to be congruent with the mantra of my blog after all.

I've been through the "quit Facebook" drill a hundred times already, so what makes this time different? Easy, I'm not over-thinking the decision, not contemplating the ease of the service to connect me to the most people, nor am I thinking of the informal social mandate that I be there or somehow exist as a "un-trusted" entity on the planet. I am the most searchable person on the web with one of the deepest personally generated narratives there; I don't need Facebook to vouch for me.

I will pretend Facebook never existed and for that matter rely more on my belief that the web's future is interpersonal rather than mass in substance. I am pretty sure the "lasting" version of people's web life will be spent keeping very narrow, ephemeral, and encrypted connections to people that they have tighter rather than looser bonds with. Capricious "click-to-friend" will become a thing of the past. Facebook will become Familybook, for example.

Posting my content will be much more simplified now that I don't have to try and disseminate across multiple social media channels. If I have anything interesting to say ever again you can find it here. I'm still on Twitter, one of the best supplemental apps for an independent web presence ever developed.

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Master of My Domain
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