A Guy At His Computer.



Hi, I'm a guy at his computer who takes your calls and looks up whatever you want on my computer. I'm a guy at his computer!


For you sometimes it's easier to call someone at their computer to give you certain information than it is for you to use a mobile app. Not all the time but often enough.

For me as "the guy" at A Guy At His Computer I am otherwise unemployed at the moment and accept tips in those cases where I have been helpful. I'm also experimenting with the service/business model so even if you don't tip, you still help by simply using my service.


Create a home screen shortcut to my status page on your mobile phone (I am not always on duty). Then when you find yourself out on the road needing some kind of information (see my examples page for the kinds of scenarios that might be handy) tap the screen and see if I am on duty. If I am on duty, tap the screen again to initiate a call and I will answer the phone and take your question.

I will work at the computer and try to provide the information you're looking for. Later when you're comfortable you can optionally visit my tip page and send me a few bucks.

There are some limitations so read the details page to understand them ahead of time.

Otherwise that's it. It's very simple. Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!

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