A Guy At His Computer.



What Kind of Information?

Pretty much any type of simple information that can be looked up on Google. Maybe it's a question on the status of a bus, the hours of a store, or the location of something. If the question can be understood, referenced and information provided under 10 minutes I can probably help.

I limit each call to 10 minutes or less. If you think it might take longer than this to look something up and convey back relevant information to you please don't call. If you aren't sure, certainly feel free to call and ask.

No-Go Calls

I can't look up information that requires logging in (even if you were willing to give me your username or password). Therefore I am restricted to looking up and providing information based strictly on publicly accessible websites.

I also won't look up illegal or sketchy information I think may be advancing a crime or other devious behavior. Please don't ask me to look up the current availability of escorts at an escort service, for example. If I'm not comfortable doing it I will not help.

I cannot take emergency or "9-1-1" type calls any more than anyone else at any other random number. Therefore I will not look up medical information or attempt to provide clearly critical information to life or limb.

Text Or E-Mail Options

I do not answer text message or e-mails. This is strictly a voice call service.


I do accept tips but tipping won't be discussed on the phone. If you want to tip when you're in a place comfortable enough to do so later, visit my tipping page to process it.


I make myself available to help people out while I'm at my computer coding or filling out online job applications. Hence there are no set hours for me to take calls. You need to check my status page before calling. I recommend you make a shortcut to the status page on your home screen. This might not sound very efficient but I'm not running a business with all this (yet). Just think of me as a pal back home, at a computer, willing to help out if he can. Sometimes he's just not there. Don't worry if you accidentally call me while I'm off duty, I'll just say as such on the call (though you'll probably reach voice mail anyway).

Install Shortcut On Home Screen

It's easy. This illustration assumes you are using an Android-based phone with Chrome but there are equivalent methods on iPhone and others you should be able to figure out, with some variation, based on these screen shots.

First, navigate to the status page. Once there do the following:

Tap the "3 dot box" thing.

Tap "Add to Home Screen"

Tap "Add"

You will then find a shortcut icon to the A Guy At His Computer status page which you can reach in one tap.


In helping out callers I make no guarantee to the accuracy or thoroughness of any information I may provide. Many things can go wrong or be misunderstood. Calling A Guy At His Computer is done strictly at your own risk.

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