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Dave the Web Guy Innovations

My web and digital service businesses serve as a foundation for me to develop innovative digital products and techniques. The following services are professionally delivered on a customized client and arrangement basis.

If you are interested in any of my managed services you can use my contact page and select DWGI Service Quote to initiate discussion.

Battle Blog Hosting

The Battle Blog publishing platform is an elogant niche platform undergoing years of evolution and development. Services are rendered on a full service management basis so that publishers need not work with code, maintenance or security issues of any sort. Battle Blog includes a few exclusive features such as built-in democratic content controls (users can vote content up or down), and the ability to automatically switch to a static presentation during posting lapses so producers do not need to fret during long posting cycles.


11th is a rapid single-page publishing solution for sellers, event hosts, communication principals and others seeking a fast way to publish a concurreent mobile and desktop friendly web page in one effort that is then distributed as an independent link via preferred social media channels. You provide the copy and in return you are provided a URL for distribution in a way that you see fit (e-mail, social media -- whatever your needs are).

Squeaky Portal Hosting

Squeaky Portal is best described as "something between e-mail and a blog". It is used by small to medium-sized businesses to dispatch daily communication to a fleet of workers (cross-shift or across multiple facilities) and enables them to track and confirm that dispatch.

Conventional Hosting

Maybe you're looking for hands-off conventional hosting. DWGI has digital property to spare! This managed service is ideal for small organizations and businesses looking to maintain an effective online presence without online forms or interaction with technical support of any kind. You can literally maintain your presentation by e-mail alone!

Prototype and Publishing Projects

Under the auspice of Dave the Web Guy Innovations I also develop prototype web projects which exist mainly as demonstrations. They are available for production sell-off to those who wish to develop or who wish to fund and/or co-develop further. My publishing projects are intended to further the refinement and development of Battle Blog by way of blogging about issues and causes that I am passionate about. These projects can be reviewed on my projects page.

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