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Statement of Purpose

Visitors straying off Facebook and others may wonder why I maintain a personal blog and website without any apparent associated monetizing effort. This section should shed some light on my reasons and my hope.

Inspire Copycats and Save the Web

Ever since social media and mobile apps "perfected" themselves people have more or less forgotten how to create custom presentations for themselves on the raw web.

My interpretation on this state unfolds as such: In the beginning there was the raw WWW which required one to learn HTML. Through the canvas of basic markup people adopted a new canvas for personal expression and many even developed careers on their new skillset. Many such as myself enjoyed the power of world wide publishing finding it both liberating and a source of leverage which we were particularly good at in wielding (if not recklessly at times).

Then came a sort of intermediate period defined by places like MySpace and Geocities that eased the composition of personal content to the web. These were in essence precursors to Facebook because they were frameworks and "places" but they still made personal composition and HTML primary authoring premises. People could still highly customize their look and personality to anyone that could reach their allocated URL address. Your page did not look like anyone else's. Granted that without restraint and because of the learning curve involved many personal pages of this era and the previous were gawdy and ill-composed -- and mine were certainly no exception.

Finally came Facebook which topped off the simplicity of the same but removed the zeigeist of the world wide web in the process. Facebook, in the spirit of the late 90s AOL, embraced the idea that people, new on-rampers specifically, would consider it the web while the real one floundered away in bad press and inconvenience.

Therefore my blog and all that it attempts to catalog and link to serve as a reminder that developing a presence outside Facebook and the like are still possible if someone wants that direct control and freedom from the monetization algorithims of social media platforms.

Prove that a Desktop/PC Web Can Independently Exist

Approximatly four years ago website presentations began to suck. Giant mastheads and over-sized text that while neatly laid out tried to turn basic text information into a TV commercial you have to scroll through.

The reason is that user traffic exploded on mobile devices with the rise of the smartphone as a primary web access device. Accordingly developers were being hired with a directive to stop caring about how websites look on the desktop and consider mainly how they look on a mobile display, or, ideally, on both. Web developers weren't honestly earning their paychecks if they didn't produce balanced presentations.

The result of crafting "balanced presentations" has been an absolute mess. Yet, one caused for understandable reasons. You have to publish where the people are if the success of your enterprise is tied to the monetization of their traffic.

My blogs and websites present an alternative suggestion which is that one, when not so concerned about the association between traffic and money, can continue to maintain a PC/desktop only presentation as part of a separate use-case universe (the original one, ironically) consisting of only desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

In the "desktop/PC" web, unconcerned with the overhead of catering to mobile, you can still create comfortable-looking web layouts and presentations that, yes, only people sitting down with a cup of coffee and browsing the web (if a point to that can ever be restored in this process) will consume. But that can matter. And I believe if catered to properly, that can still signficantly monetize.

My philosophy is that choosing to develop for mobile or the desktop/PC web is analogous to deciding whether you are going to produce an ad spot for radio or TV. Both optimized precisely for their medium are right and proper, but trying to build one presenation for both is half-assed and ruins everything. I believe this will be parsed out in time and that my blog and web content are forerunners in recognizing this.

I Do Intend to Monetize ... My Way

And finally, while it looks like I am unconcerned with monetizing, the exact opposite is true. I do in fact have a super secret monetization path that is simply secondary to my operating philosophy. But first all "this", meaning the core WWW, must be "saved" and restored first. Not just for me but for everyone looking to do the same.

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