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Giving This Blog A Point
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I've been toiling away at the Dave the Web Guy blog and website in its various iterations for years now. I've been trying to hone its definition and purpose by concretely laying out what exactly I intend to happen with this website. Historically it's just been a sporadic place for me to post ill-constructed essays and posts on any random thing that has me hopped up on a given Saturday morning. There's not much of a consistent theme.

So, to try to tighten the reins, I have composed a Statement of Purpose page that explains this website's role in "saving" or at the very least "pouting loudly about the evaporating" world wide web until it is one way or another.

I also want the site to aggregate on a human-curated basis examples of those WWW things that are still being done online in the spirit of independent publishing. My (very initially tiny) list of webcams online is one example (oh, and by the way, my own webcam is once again online). But I will create separate lists for blogs and other artifiact sites of sort than I imagine.

The point of doing all of this will be to remind, encourage, and inspire other people to take control of their online content on the raw WWW. And, preferably for the "PC/desktop" WWW which I regard as a separate thing from the general web now since the "general" web has come to mean that atrocious presentation place that tries to serve both desktop and mobile PC devices.

Finally this blog will have the point its been meandering around for years.

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Giving This Blog A Point
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