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City Council Somehow More Relaxed
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The February 23, 2017 Wilkes-Barre City Council Meeting is up for all!

There was no discussion of bringing light or high speed rail to Wilkes-Barre as per the norm, but still, WB Rail readers will be much aglow nonetheless.

Wilkes-Barre City Council Meeting, February 23, 2017 - Original YT posting.

Early on in the meeting, one fantasizes taking cue from Wilkes-Barre Rail - though really it appears from the videos leading to this one he was already on thin ice, Bob Kadluboski is escorted out of the meeting by a Wilkes-Barre uniformed officer just after the council and members of the public pledge ritualistic allegiance to the flag, and he piped up.

I mean, the council just read the rules and, boom, right out of the gate, Bob ignores them.

As the officer approaches for what one presumes is otherwise a normal ejection (and not even that uncommon at these meetings since other I would say "more authentic" satirists have literally been pulled from the meeting in their chairs), Bob "demands" that he be put into cuffs.

I would take that as the humiliated control artist's way of pretending that his booting was somehow self-directed. Even being told to leave, without choice, he has to pretend it's all part of the plan and that he's in control.

But really, when told to leave, all Bob really needs to do is leave .

If anyone thought his satire or outbursts were all just part of some misguided or ill-executed show while really motivated by all the right things people fight for, that credit is quickly dashed in his parting words to the council chair in a sneering remark that I believe reveals his true character. Yeah, wait for that one in the video, it will turn your stomach.

Bob Sneers

Bob Kadluboski sneers at council chair as he is being escorted out.

The effect of the ejection is felt throughout the meeting which can, for the first time in a while, proceed from beginning to end in much higher grade function without all the tension. To be sure, there were still "squaring off" speakers - those who for some reason treat the council like it spit on their dog as their first (and what, effective?) choice of communication with the council, but all respected the rules and kept themselves at bay.

'Zactly what needed to happen.

My advice to Bob, start a blog instead.

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City Council Somehow More Relaxed
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