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That's How Bloggers Roll
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Well damn , let it not be said that blogging is without risk.

Happy 2018 from Wilkes-Barre Rail, and I at least, am not dead yet. And neither is this blog although I will admit to having come very close to having nixed the blog format in order to carry on with WBRAIL's message and perspective.

I've become very pessimistic about the blogging format for establishing the hope and imagination for some form of rail transit returning to NEPA, a trajectory of doubt made clear by converting WBRAIL's front page into a quasi-static presentation sometime in 2017.

The move unintentionally cleared the way for me to contemplate whether or not maintaining the overhead of a blogging engine was worth it at all, if in fact that's how I planned to use the site. And that contemplation, for a time, settled on me declaring that WBRAIL would best exist not so much as a web place, but rather a digitally spread web campaign that capitalized on social media channels and existing media content.

But I am a publisher of whim and wonder and at the end of the day I find it difficult to walk away from this small ant hill of a presentation, complete with its accumulation of articles, meager as that be. Perhaps it is I and my commitment to blogging that needs to change, not the wonderful presentation I've spent so much time building up (much of it while in the throws of temporary unemployment while camped out in my grandmother's house in Miners Mills. Sentimentally speaking, that means something to me).

So I'm keeping this alive in the form it is in. My doubts about the impact of blogging or today's web audience which tends to stay off the raw WWW in favor of Facebook and mobile based apps, will diminish as I continue to tweak and master the art of organic gravitation to the maximum extent possible.

My humble apologies to Harold Jenkins of NEPA Blogs for turning his remark into a Thug Life meme (of sorts) above. You can watch the full context of his comments, which are actually very in depth and tight to the point regarding the craft of blogging, in this June 2, 2011 video interview with ComputerWiseTV.

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That's How Bloggers Roll
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