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Well, This Is Embarrassing
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Hey everybody it's my new blog for 2016!


Nobody visits this blog so explaining the fact that I launched another blog just after New Year's, only to replace it with what you see before you now just two weeks later, seems kind of pointless. But talking to myself should not be underrated.

Yes, I did report to my Facebook friends that I had a new blog up and running and, hey, they "should all visit!". The interesting point is that the new blog that I proudly announced was in a radically different format than this blog or those I've run for years. Instead of relying on a content management system, my own Battle Blog in particular (though you may better relate to the point by thinking 'Wordpress'), I was forging ahead with something sometimes referred to as a static blog engine instead. A static blog engine is where you compose posts directly in HTML and then post them as web pages, much like the olden days when you posted basically anything to the web. If you want any of the standard organizing functionality of a blogging system you, through a variety of techniques, stitch together a way to do such things as categorize your entries, paginate, and archive. It's all possible it's just far more manual. I thought I would enjoy the direct control which such a system favors, but I ran into a wall when I discovered I couldn't post more feathery drivel like this without committing to a lot of work. I mean, really deep writing and content made it kind of make sense, but in just a week and a half of suppressing the desire to just rant, a desire not quelled by tweeting or posting something on Facebook, I got pretty fed up.

On top of that, there was Battle Blog. I spent over 10 years developing it. It isn't commercially polished but it does everything Wordpress and others do except that I know it very well and am very proud of it. I've been tossing and turning at night as if I've abandoned an old friend or maybe a child. And in any event I asked myself, why would I run Battle Blog for all my other projects (Tampa Rail, Wilkes-Barre Rail, etc.) except for my personal one? Was I officially declaring Battle Blog dead?

Whatever the case it just didn't seem prudent -- or congruent -- to stick with static HTML blogging. And as such, here is a complete port of my "new" blog before it ever got old, to this "newer" one running on the Battle Blog platform.

Happy 2016, dammit!

Well, This Is Embarrassing
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