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My name is David Pinero and I am an active online publisher responsible for several blogs and social media campaigns. I am a publishing tinkerer who learned the power of the open world wide web in the mid-90s, embraced it, and continued on to practice and evangelize the concept of independent web publishing.

To sustain this ongoing battle of sorts I work in IT, usually in technical support capacities. However I have also worked as a web developer and continue to build and have fun with prototype projects.

Outside all that I am also something of a writer (meaning, I've never written anything substantial or even remotely prominent but can't stop splewing my thoughts outside structure otherwise), and a developing comedian (meaning, I'm not actually doing anything with comedy other than fantasizing about my place in it -- I once took a workshop in New York which wet my appetite but in no way inspired me to work hard at the craft).

In short, I'm a dreamer and I like it that way.

I currently live in Buffalo but crave a return to New York to complete my life mission. Hence the masthead.

You're Actually at My Blog

I haven't posted in awhile; the page you're looking at kicks in automatically if the system notices I'm on some kind of hiatus (a Battle Blog exclusive feature!).

Even so you can proceed to the blog as it appears today if you like. And of course there are those buttons at the top of the page you can visit to learn more about whatever it is I'm doing. I may not be active at this blog at the moment but I'm most surely active at any one of those social media channels.

Otherwise while waiting for my deeper prose to resume feel free to participate in my real-time content via my Twitter feed

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