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Welcome to Openness

This page is a resource to encourage discussion and positive action for the following:

  • Openly broadcasted police (public safety) radio communications
  • Police and public safety pro-transparency policies and practices
  • Free-form civilian news compilation and distribution networks (i.e., those outside profit media)

The Latest

5/17/2018 Want to Listen to Police Scanners? Cops Say No More
This Wall Street Journal report is a good synopsis of the entire police encryption debate including its impact on community social media networks. Understand that the example cited of a citizen with a scanner responding to a crime scene and taking a picture, is no more or less controversial than if an approved media member did the same. Much of the disruption by social media has to do with the erasing of trusted lines between regular individuals and those would be "formal" journalists.
2/22/2015 Police Radio to Go Silent as Toronto Cops Move Toward Encrypted Communications
Gem Quote 1 - "...the media have become completely dependent on their Twitter accounts to know about calls. Biro says there are often serious lags between events and tweets. Some incidents, he says, aren’t tweeted about at all."

Gem Quote 2 - "...I’m not sure I understand what the definition of a ‘serious’ news organization is,” Pugash says. “How do you give favourable treatment to some at the expense of others?"

What Gets Posted

I include links to mainstream media links, blogs (including those from Openness's own entry category) and other PR information posts that are released directly by agencies at their respective websites, and individual online commentary in various forms. News and information links deemed likely to directly or indirectly impact this kind of development are also sometimes included.

The list is manually curated in order to provide the best web experience. For example, while not always possible, I link to less ad-infested resources over more infested ones when the same information is being presented. I also try to avoid those resources with pay walls or any other blocks to the wider audience. I cross out links as they discovered dead though I keep the crossed out link posted in order to provide continuity of narrative.

Most of the same links are broadcast through various online channels such as through the OpennessOrg Twitter feed.

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