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About Tampa Rail

The best way to open this page is by talking about what Tampa Rail once was. Here are two screenshots from back in the day:

Incarnations of Tampa Rail going back to 1998.

Prior to the present, Tampa Rail was an exhibition site for the development of urban transportation rail solutions in Tampa Florida. It editorialized on and disseminated information from an advocacy standpoint the progress of various light and high speed rail projects impacting the region. In its long history there were several such attempts to develop urban rail, most which never gained traction or were shot down if they did. The one exception to date is the Teco Line Streetcar System which began operation in 2002 and continues to this day.

Going National

In September 2008 I, as the sole editor and publisher, moved to New York City, effectively stunting any real ability to continue collecting raw local content and to provide a meaningful presentation on the subject at a local level. As a transition plan I talked about how I would try to take advantage of the zero-presence limitation by increasing the blog's scope to a national level, making Tampa's struggle to improve livability and to restore population density around an urban core a centerpiece that other cities might relate to.

Me standing outside demo BRT bus, August 2007

Me standing outside demo BRT
bus in August 2007

In practice that turned out to be a loftier goal than anticipated, not so much because of mechanics but time. All blogs require a great deal of effort to push out unique content and without a budget to collect and assimilate any, a "national" Tampa Rail simply had no foothold against competing blogs of a similar scope. As a result I've gone back to the basics, limitations and all knowing full well actual social media experts friendly to the rail and urban development cause have sprung up in Tampa now. Nothing Tampa Rail will do can compete with the organization, budgets, insights, and access to the process of building out and selling rail than the new generation of websites and blogs dedicated to doing so, but, but it can continue to provide a unique voice and keep it active and ready for the day light rail runs in Tampa.

Mechanical Notes

Tampa Rail runs using a custom blogging application called Battle Blog that I myself wrote and continue to update and make available to others.

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