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Reminder: The Streetcar is FREE On Saturdays
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The Tampa Historic Streetcar, Inc. board meeting held today is available online. Enjoy the embed folks!

I just finished watching it and if there's one message I feel obliged to underscore on behalf of the board, it's that the streetcar is free on Saturdays . That's the new order of the day, the real deal, the new way.

Tampa Historic Streetcar, Inc. Board Meeting - 01-17-18

You can traverse to your heart's content back and forth between the downtown edge and Ybor City. I dated aggressively in Tampa and found that nothing compliments a special night out like that ride on that night. Go for it!

This all being said, as you will see from the video, this free Saturday thing applies to any Saturday -- except Gaspirilla Saturday. Of course the intent was to have every Saturday free but due to an apparent error of consideration, the fact that Gaspirilla, a top revenue generation night for the system, falls on a Saturday, the board was to somewhat embarrassed level forced to make Gaispirlla Saturday the exception.

Jeffrey Seward, Interim CEO, attributed the mis-calc to Gasparilla somehow falling off the radar when plotting out the spread of Saturday nights that the system would take a fare hit. He and the rest of the board politely didn't look too happy about having to make the adjustment, and appear to try and contort their way around doing so every which way, before finally concluding that they had no choice.

So, the streetcar is free to ride every Saturday except Gasparrila Saturday which is on the 27th.

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Reminder: The Streetcar is FREE On Saturdays
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