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Tampa Rail 2017
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With every iteration of Tampa Rail it grows farther and farther away from the rich content base that so defined it in its heyday. Not just in its heyday but the heyday of blogging in general.

Tampa once had a vibrant and focused blogging community and Tampa Rail was a part of it. Today blogging has been diffused as a craft by everyday people by the sharing and commentary via social media platforms, something I crow about on my personal blog.

Every time I spin a new iteration I do so with a reader base ever less familiar with what a blog or the "open" World Wide Web are in the first place. Nobody is tapping fingers outside their Facebook app if they don't have to.

One thing that hasn't changed much in all this time however is Tampa and Hillsborough County's transit rail development. From afar, I read of failed tax votes and continued political resistance that all equal zero progress in Tampa, a land otherwise enjoying a downtown pedestrian re-birth, a relatively recent extension of the city's one true living transit rail example, the Teco Line Streetcar; and commitments in innovative solutions in traditional transit options such as One Bus Away and light-scale BRT routes.

The first link roundup of the new blog below underscores this despicable state of affairs. You would think that I planned to correlate this launch with the apparent renewed media attention but I promise that it is pure coincidence, however convenient.

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