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City Dwellers Hop Aboard Now!
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Tampa is serious about expanding its streetcar system to give the urban core dwellers which are on the increase, thanks to high rise residential projects of the past 10 years, something comparable to the premium living enjoyed by those in Seattle or Portland.

WFLA Action News Segment.

Tampa's powerful city residents demand better transit options to supplement what are effectively car-free lives otherwise (and I'm strictly speaking of those living in the downtown/Channelside areas).

Unfortunately they have been subject to the voting weight of Hillsborough County's rural and suburban base who have consistently blocked progress toward light rail (though the most recent effort might have short circuited short skirted for other reasons, grrrrrr).

As such, the effective focus now is giving serious contemplation to turning the existing heritage Tecoline Streetcar system into a modern car system that highly resembles light rail yet is more apt for integration with a city center's denser corridors.

Modern streetcars are the light rail high without the interference of naysayers who will, in the long future, be asking for any developed system that starts in Tampa to be extended to them; watch.

Tampa downtown residents needs to get behind this movement and take advantage of the workshops being held by HART. As of this posting the next meeting is April 4th, but this page provides the rest of the details and future meetings beyond this.

City Dwellers Hop Aboard Now!
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