About Wilkes-Barre Rail

First and foremost understand that in large part this blog is exactly what its title alludes: Rail. I have the habit of setting up shop in towns like Wilkes-Barre and putting together a blog focusing on its mass transit development, particularly with respect to modern forms of rail transit like light or commuter systems. No joke, here's the one I ran for nearly a decade in Tampa.

So yeah, Wilkes-Barre Rail is about rail.

That being established, it's also about the broader social, intellectual, commercial and professional development of the city, which as a convenient tie-in, happens to be those positive things that rail transit options can foster. In that context maybe it's a blog railing about Wilkes-Barre and its potential so, ta-da, the title still works.

You'll like this blog if you're tired about hearing how corrupt everyone is, are sick and tired of overt racism expressed in the various local discussion boards, are tired of covert racism expressed with references to "animals" or "not from here scum", or are tired not from a dishonest government, but a harassed government, which is rendered equally if not more ineffective as a result. To make this short, if you are a reasonably intelligent person discouraged enough by the regular fare to not participate in local online conversation, you've found a place here where you can state your piece or just enjoy a refreshing perspective on Wilkes-Barre's future.

Advocacy Principles

To give the reader an idea of what this blog advocates with respect to Wilkes-Barre's future, here's a bullet list.
  • News and views about the actual development of a passenger rail system between Scranton and/or New York City. The physical realization of such a project will mean the philisophical realization of the other principles
  • Promoting and advocating a re-population of Wilkes-Barre City, particularly by people from the larger regional cities (Philly and New York City, for example)
  • Professionalizing Wilkes-Barre, even if that means more county regionalism and consolidation
  • Wilkes-Barre's reclamation of NEPA's commercial powerhouse status, minimizing Scranton and restoring Wilkes-Barre as the leader between them

That last one's a little weird, I know. But when I was a kid Wilkes-Barre was the bigger city and Scranton was "the other place". Somehow that reversed in 20 years and I'm upset by it.

My longest-term aspirations for Wilkes-Barre border on the fantastical and perhaps overly specific if not outright implausible. As such they may not be your idea of the city's future so I do not make all my ideas "general principles". Nonetheless I will share the vision so you have the best sense where I'm coming from in my editorializing: I believe Wilkes-Barre should be a high-speed-rail-connected bedroom and educational community for New York City and points around and in between.

There you have it. This blog will amplify issues, news stories, controversies, political movements and other various perspectives related to these editorial principles and my stated vision for the city.

About Me

I was born a month earlier than expected at Wilkes-Barre General on June 5, 1966. The story has it I died twice while in intensive care so I clearly had a thing for endurance and mind-boggling survival right from the get-go. As an "un-affiliating personality" type this turns out to be a good thing because for whatever the heck reason, I can piss people off by curse or virtue of naiveness combined with a determination to express myself.

I was not in Wilkes-Barre for much of my childhood or teens due to the general transient nature of my family. However we finally re-settled Wilkes-Barre in the 80s and I attended Coughlin as part of the class of '86.

After that I attended one semester of community college at LCCC before finally leaving the area for effective good.

I have a Bachelor's degree in criminology from the University of South Florida, maintained a long-standing career in technical support, with most of all this taking place in Tampa, New York, and today, Buffalo.

All this is the version of me that puts my rants at this blog in context. However, you can really get a sense of me at my personal website and blog (I've been blogging for over a decade) by clicking here.

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