Wilkes-Barre Transit Rail Overview

This page provides a quick picture of the projects, people and other major talking points surrounding the effort to develop modern rail transit options in today's Wilkes-Barre. Be sure to look for links that click deeper about a given subject as I am constantly adding new sub-sections as the rolling top-level blog grows.

The Projects

  • The Lackawanna Cutoff Project

    Project to connect Hoboken New Jersey and Scranton via conventional commuter rail. This project involves the coordinated efforts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The project is overseen on the Pennsylvania side by the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority. Currently the project is dormant on the Pennsylvania side while tangible work has been long under way in New Jersey. This project does not meet this website's scope of vision but when most people think of a "Wilkes-Barre to New York" train today, they are thinking about this specific project.

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  • Wilkes-Barre Light Rail

    This is an unspecified project to connect Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton and Scranton via light rail. The project status is gathering steam in the wake of major development between the three cities. The concept enjoys wide public support. Talk of it is frequently bundled with talk of merging Luzerne and Lackawanna transit authorities. Today's buzz suggests that when realized the system will connect in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton at each city's intermodal center. The new intermodal center in Scranton is built to accommodate this network.

  • Lackawanna Cutoff and Light Rail, Together

    Taking both the Lackawanna Cutoff and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Light Rail projects together Wilkes-Barre would have a fully realized rail connection to New York. A passenger would need to board a light rail system at Wilkes-Barre's intermodal station and then transfer to the Lackawanna Cutoff line in Scranton, which would then carry them to Manhattan. Some might say this doesn't read seamless. The ride time might be only marginally better than driving if not the same. However, the overwhelming convenience would make the patchwork seem inconsequential. Not having to drive through congestion or through dangerous highway networks and not having to find and pay for parking in New York would far outweigh the transfers. Still, to account for another vision that eradicates even these concerns, there is...

  • The Wilkes-Barre Rail Blog Vision

    While very excited and supportive of the far more feasible projects mentioned so far, this blog's vision affords a more lofty if not fantastic project: A modern high speed rail connection that possibly bypasses Scranton and other cities, reducing ride time to less than one half hour, terminating directly in Manhattan. There is currently no serious talk of this happening, ever. But it's the vision.

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