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Latest WB Council Video Shivers Me Timbers
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Here's the recorded Wilkes-Barre City Council meeting from December 8 (direct link to the native YouTube versionhere). Up front, understand that there is no discussion or action regarding Wilkes-Barre high speed or county light rail.

However, hightlights include:

  • Ronald Shivers is upset about his encounter with law enforcement following this incident. He claims that a polite and respectful address to store personnel over a botched Popeye's order led to the store calling the police on him, and that the resulting officer encounter then escalated into a disrespectful arrest and handling. I think they mentioned that there is store video footage of the encounter. If the store footage shows that in fact there was a cordial and polite discussion over the botched order and that police were capriciously called for some reason, then someone has some explaining to do. If it shows bombastic or confrontational behavior on his part, Mr. Shivers is lying and would in that case be a pretty rotten person. Rotten to the people at Popeye's, rotten to police, and rotten to the city council. As it is, we have only his story as presented in this meeting to guess by. His wife then took the podium to back up Mr. Shiver's story but was so melodramatic about it, I was (in case you can't tell) left tending to believe they were both just angry and spiteful.
  • A speaker after Mr. Shivers asked while giving his own presentation if the police chief (who was present) could meet with the Shivers after the meeting, which I found somewhat pretentious since the facts of the case had yet to be reviewed (and in particular any video), thus putting the chief on the spot. Why would someone do that? Very rude I thought and it only increased my suspicion that the entire complaint was simply a council harassment move disguised as one for civil morality.
  • "Bob" took the podium for his usual passive aggressive demand that city officials interface with him directly on all the matters that concern him. He harped on his usual pet topics but did express regret over his initial support for Tony George as mayor, which was pretty interesting.
  • As a general observation regarding the video itself it seems they have dramatically improved the audio of speakers and overall.

Meeting then adjourns. Again, no talk of rail.

Latest WB Council Video Shivers Me Timbers
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