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A Snowball's Chance
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Wow! It looks like Wilkes-Barre took a wollup from that snowstorm. It was content-heaven for those who like to take pictures and upload them to social media. Alas as I am not currently living there I could not participate.

If anyone cares, here's my Facebook Live drive home from work here in Buffalo though.

One thing I was pleased about in the wake of the mess in Wilkes-Barre was how positive everyone emoted in social media. Checking out the Just Sayin' Facebook Group, where I expected to find negative comments and snowballs being verbally thrown at the mayor, most people were actually supportive and commending of the city's effort to dig out the roads.

Transit rail deveopment will depend on an emotional culture that can remain strong and civil enough to withstand a little bit of heavy weather.

A Snowball's Chance
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