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My New Publishing Platform: Battle Press Version 1.0

Battle Press allows people and organizations to produce nearly instant online articles that look good on a PC desktop and a mobile device simultaneously without the hassle and complexity of blogging or content management systems.

Capture of Battle Press content shared on Facebook

Example of Battle Press content shared on Facebook.

Once content is generated producers are free to pass its URL around on social media or via more private means, confident that all visitors will reach a clean and effective presentation irrespective of the hardware they are using.

Battle Press restores the power of the hyperlink. Once your article is written and set to Live you can pass around the URL any way that you wish. You can run an entire classified ad system or personal or brand communication platform easily, and in the most portable way possible using nothing but a collection of URLs.

Blogging is Dead

Well, dead for people who maintain blogs but don't actually blog.

Publishing with Battle Press replaces conventional blogging, an increasingly inefficient platform for people who produce communication infrequently, as well as for visitorswho no longer make a habit of leaving social media sites. Battle Press capitalizes on the reality that your Facebook or Twitter feeds are now your 'blog' by giving your individual articles a home base that you still control and can aggregate data from.

While acting as a central point of organization and publishing, Battle Press decentralizes your content by leaving it up to you where and when to place links to generate user visits.

Battle Press is the new and better way to publish content in today's digital world.

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