David Pinero

My name is David Pinero and I am an active online publisher responsible for several blogs and social media campaigns. I am a publishing tinkerer who learned the power of the open world wide web in the mid-90s, embraced it, and continued on to practice and evangelize the concept of independent web publishing.

To sustain this ongoing battle of sorts I work in IT, usually in technical support capacities. However I have also worked as a web programmer and continue to build and have fun with various prototype projects.

Outside all that I am also something of a writer (meaning, I've never written anything substantial or even remotely prominent but can't stop splewing my thoughts outside structure otherwise), and a developing comedian (meaning, I'm not actually doing anything with comedy other than fantasizing about my place in it -- I once took a workshop in New York which wet my appetite but in no way inspired me to work hard at the craft).

In short, I'm a dreamer and I like it that way.

I currently live in Buffalo but crave a return to New York to complete my life mission. Hence the masthead.

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