What are 11th Use Cases?

11th is best used whenever you need a fast way to compose a single web based page that will then be advertised by private URL through e-mail or publicly via one's own social media channels. With the digital culture so consolidated now people rarely leave social media sites to explore and discover the way that they used to. 11th allows you to treat your existing social media feeds as your primary conduits yet still gives you that WWW 'home base' from which to directly control, organize, and cultivate visitor metrics.

Press Releases

If you have an organizational need to distribute a late news piece or other important information, 11thcan be used to compose and host such communication. Each 11th entry can include a custom logo.

For Sale

Although there are countless online classified ad systems in today's digital landscape, 11th is a better way to showcase your items to buyers if you are looking to operate outside them for whatever reason. Your 11th library can consist of homes for sale, cars for sale, and other high end products and artifacts you prefer to then push through your main social media feeds. You can type your copy and include pictures or even video. For example, here is a car for sale using 11th (note, the car depicted is not actually for sale).

Infrequent Blogging

11th is a viable alternative to 'infrequent blogging' on a dedicated blogging platform. For example, you run a blog but find that you so infrequently post that it is a waste of time and detrimental to your blog's general message. 11th allows you to produce these infrequent posts piecemeal so that you can then transmit new postings via social media, which, for all intent and purposes, has become the place today where most people spend most of their actual 'blogging' time as both producer and reader.

What NOT to Use it For

To better put in perspective the context in which 11th should be used appropriately, here are some ways it shouldn't be used.

  • To build an entire website - 11th is designed for lean single-page presentations. Think digital 'pamphlets'. While each 11th subscriber does in fact build libraries of articles, these are all presumed to be independent of each other in their final form. Ironically the 11th product website defies this because of its unique role as a showcase site but for most use case scenarios it would never suffice as a full-fledged website content solution.
  • To store pages for eternity - Particularly in the BETA period you would not want to presume that anything posted would survive at its URL for more than a year or so. Keep that in mind while disseminating URLs. 11th is best used for content that is ephemeral in nature which is why it is an ideal selling platform or one used for the temporary or initial digital distribution of information that is eventually acted on or picked up elsewhere.
  • To actually blog - If you are actually able to sustain an ongoing narrative of some sort and wish visitors to have scroll-down access to previous content entries, you're better off sticking with conventional blogging engines like WordPress (although, Dave the Web Guy Innovations does offer a managed blogging service called Battle Blog).
  • To take advantage of SEO - 11th is strictly a utility platform, not one to monetize traffic with. It is not designed with any feature or function typically associated with making links more visible to search engines. In using 11th hosted content the assumption is that you are targeting your own link distribution through one-to-one e-mail or via social media.

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