Dave the Web Guy Innovations

My web and digital service businesses serve as a foundation to develop innovative digital products and techniques. The following services are professionally delivered on a customized client and arrangement basis.

Battle Blog Hosting
The Battle Blog publishing platform is an elogant niche platform undergoing years of evolution and development. Services are rendered on a full service management basis so that publishers need not work with code, maintenance or security issues of any sort.

Battle Press Hosting
Battle Press is a rapid single-page publishing solution for sellers, event hosts, communication principals and others seeking a fast way to publish a concurreent mobile and desktop friendly web page in one effort. You provide the copy and in return you are provided a URL for distribution in a way that you see fit (e-mail, social media -- whatever your needs are).

Conventional Hosting
Maybe you're looking for hands-off conventional hosting. DWGI has digital property to spare! This managed service is ideal for small organizations and businesses looking to maintain an effective online presence without online forms or interaction with technical support of any kind. You can literally maintain your presentation by e-mail alone!

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