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Submit photo footage of strangers or confirmed crimes that are captured on your home security camera systems.


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About this Service

This website is a resource in which to catalog and distribute home security camera footage that you may gather from such systems as the Ring, Nest, Arlo camera systems, and many others.

You may already post such media to social media networks like Nextdoor or Facebook, but this is an additional option requiring no social media account as well as one with a different organizing and presentational approach. It is hoped that as this site is further developed it will become a reliable depot for this kind of data.

The hope is to raise maximum awareness of criminal or nuisance behavior by certain individuals which in turn can help your community, the police, and others.

The Beta Period

The beta service effectively launched August 26, 2018 and continues to thee present. Members of the public are welcome to create accounts and begin posting their submissions as they may acquire them. Unfortunately during the beta phase the system may be particularly prone to bugs and glitches. However, the core functionality -- as long as no one does anything "weird" -- is pretty solid. As the system evolves I intend to include other cities and regions withing the catalog scope.

All activity during this phase is appreciated in order to identify and correct bugs, security issues, and to best determine a charter of rules guiding usage. Until such a charter is better defined, bad or errant users of this service will be directly moderated, sometimes without warning.

As a Personal Project

This site is developed as another prototype of several developed by myself, David Pinero, a resident of Buffalo New York, under the auspice of Dave the Web Guy Innovations. The top level internet domain "" points to this service, and specifically to the Buffalo New York launch iteration while it is being developed in general beta mode.

You might learn more about me at my blog and more about the evolution of this service via its specific entry category.

Site Concerns or Questions

You may address all concerns or questions, or issues with your account or submissions to:

David Pinero

You may follow @CrimeFootage on Twitter.

Do I give up rights to my footage when I submit it?

No, this website does not attempt to lay claim or rights over any submitted footage. You may continue to distribute your footage elsewhere without worry.

How do I acquire my footage?

This depends in large part on which camera system you use. Most systems such as Ring, Nest, and Arlo allow you to directly download footage which you can then upload to the Crime Footage Index as-is. You should be familiar with doing so by reviewing your system's documentation or menu options.

At this time you CANNOT upload video to the index, only static images (though you can provide a video link in a separate field). If you only have video you will need a way to capture a given frame and save it as an image file before uploading. Sometimes a built-in Windows tool like the MS Snipping tool is ideal for this, but you can find other software online if your PC does not have that or something similar.

Also, browsers frequently have an easy way to save images while you're on a web page. For instance, try right-clicking over an image and see if an option pops up to save it. If so you can do so and proceed to upload the saved image.

Video Tutorial on Using the Windows MS Snipping Tool

How do I submit footage?

Submit footage by registering for access. Once registered log in and click "New Submission". Complete the resulting submission form which includes a control to upload your photo footage. Once completed click "Submit". If you chose for your submission to publish instantly it will be available in the public feed immediately. If you chose to hold the posting first, you will need to return at some point to release it.

Should I submit my footage?

The assumption at this websiste is that by the time you are considering making footage of a crime or any activity public, it has already been deemed safe to do so. However you should not make available any footage that police have expressedly requested you not to, perhaps due to some advantage in the investigatory process. If in doubt ask the officers investigating your case. There is no clear answer otherwise as it may boil down to personal choice. If you think it would help rather than hurt at the end of any analysis, you should.

What will this website do with my footage?

Crime Footage Index will include your submission in its collection feed so that those interested in the captured acts of deviance, particularly those in their respective neighborhoods can review it at any time (until you delete or deactivate a given submission). It will also be included in a weekly update to e-mail subscribers and will be tweeted on Twitter to @CrimeFootage, all in an effort to help capture or identify suspects, or to, at least, raise neighborhood cognizance against those individual identified (even if they are not confronted or arrested).

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