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[ Putting on my Criminologist hat ]

Teaser image for the ABC story about woman who hired a hit man.

How Dalia Dippolito is managing prison life and her legal team's hope for a new trial (Click for ABC News Story).

I am dubious about Dalia Dippolito's claim of a "Bible life" in prison.  Sociopaths and narcissists (the REAL kind, not the kind you classify your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend as, though, I suppose, in this story she operates in both contexts) can't feel the *substance* of "good" when feeling empathy.  They can only read it as perhaps a blind person can learn to feel his way around his static environment.  They learn to "read, reflect, and adjust" accordingly so that they can pass as trustworthy and committed to "good" which out of hand is not actually bad for someone struck with the condition because, hey, it's effort right?  

But, in doing so, these people clutch on to the symbols of good, and most notably religious piety, because at a distance from feelings of actual empathy, bonding loud to convenient social symbols seems just as good. 

An authentic path to redemption might be religion and "finding God", but a more authentic path would reflect something on the order of most people's usual half-assed commitment to God and all things good.  But sociopaths exaggerate in their inherent blindness and they overshoot. 

Finding religious sanctuary if you have been selfish enough to do something prison-worthy is not nor should be a bad thing, but when it's just a script, as I suspect it is in this case (when you read the full case), it just makes that person look silly.

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