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Wilkes-Barre is Player in Hyperloop Study
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It looks like Wilkes-Barre and Scranton are areas of focus for a proposed state hyperloop system.

In the years since Wilkes-Bare Rail began publishing I have since folded into the scope of possible outcomes for Luzerne County the concept of a hyperloop.

A hyperloop system is a thus far hypothetical transportation system that imagines people pushed through tunnels engineered to take advantage of an artificially created space vacuum and a magnetized lift to host what is sometimes portrayed as pods, platoons of pods, or full train car networks.

These network tunnels, at today's experimental pace, have been depicted as above-ground or below-ground subway tubes.

I'm still doing the Google to see just how far this technology has evolved, but so far as I know at present it is all pretty speculative as a transportation mode. There are plenty of folks who believe hyperloop systems distract from actually feasible projects such as high speed rail or optimized conventional rail. This video bundles a pessimistic future for both the logistical and economic future of hyperloops.

Even so, it is promising enough that the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is putting $2 million to the question. And again, that is a figure that explicitly includes Wilkes-Barre verbiage.

From the linked article, the study will be conducted by AECOM Technical Services Inc., which built Elon Muskís hyperloop test track in 2016.

Express Links No Longer Points Here
Openness project
Comments (0) Hits: (141) Promote (0) Demote (0) Score (0) Permalink no longer points to my web page advocating for open police communications. I am working to set the cause up under a different domain and will have more to say on that sooner or later.

In general for the past 5 months you may have noticed my entire expression platform has been under turbulent reconfiguration to prepare for something 'more' than just a sparsely populated blog. Just stay tuned!

Google and Alexa Differences
video lol
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I spent about two hours with my Pixel 2 and VideoPad Professional tonight to make this video sketch. It's a little crude I'll give you but don't give me too much grief as it is my first time doing anything more complex than encoding a single video clip.

Hint: You may want to play this away from any Google or Alexa device in your home.

How to Make a False King
openweb WWW
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I still can't wrap my ahead around what social media companies are supposed to do exactly. Remember, the existence of social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are accidents in the first place. If what people do in these services is a problem why discuss the problem in strictly a social media context instead of an internet one? (And of course, I agree the manipulation of media to exploit the emotions, viewpoints, and decisions of people through media IS a problem -- since the advent radio actually -- notice how we aren't besieged by headlines of anything being done about Fox News or CNN who have entrenched viewpoints because TV isn't the internet).

If I were a Russian psy-op agent determined to operate, I'd do it on the World Wide Web directly where I couldn't be blocked or have my account 'deleted'. I mean, of course, where social media had not already eclipsed the open web. Were I actually one as it is today, yes, social media is where I would have to operate to increase effectiveness.

I believe social media companies WANT the power that comes with falsely ascribed responsibility. They take a hit in fines and contortions to their service to meet the expectations of politicians, but at the same time, they are back-handedly made kings, which makes the inconveniences well worth it.

What Triggered Me

Hire Me The Onion!
onionlike lol
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If you subscribe to my Twitter feed or stalk my Facebook profile you may have noticed that I've been posting 'Onion like' headlines lately under the hashtag of #TheOnionLike and #HireMeTheOnion.

That's because I enjoy penning satirical headlines as an art form more or less legitimized by The Onion and quite frankly I'd like to be hired by them one day.

I can't tell if I'm serious or not, but what the hell, it would be awesome if it happened so I guess I am. Although I have no idea how they 'hire' (oh, wait) it's fun to fantasize they might me.

But in any event, I just like the style of satire.

Busted Chair, Happy Cat
lol personal photos
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I have a busted office chair I'm using right now. Yeah -- I totally need to get it replaced and I'm working on that. In the meantime though, Misty is using it to join me in my computer time.

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