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Good, you found the archives page and not the anchovies page.

If you want the archive of entries at this incarnation of the blog, click here. The links below are to deeper archives of blogging iterations past.

I have been blogging since about 1996 depending on how loosely you define the term. I did it before blogging was a designated concept and was best illustrated by aggressive and timely content development by a bonafide nobody. Under the more traditional format where one posts details of their life chronologically, I blogged in three major eras. The first took place from about 2007 to 2008 when I generated blogging content under the title of The Nut Who Runs That Website, an ode to the days I agitated the community with hyperbolic websites championing rail transit and open public safety radio broadcasting.

The next period, from 2008 to about 2014 was never officially titled but covered my rants and raves while moving to and working in New York City.

Finally, I blogged from a period working in the city to the point of my departure between 2014 - 2016. I resume blogging under the current engine starting with this entry.

Raw Dump

This page is a gateway to the raw dump of these blogs. That is, it's a "dump" of each blog entry by title and body content which allows curious members of the audience to reference old content they may have encountered in Google, or, just because they are generally curious. These dumps are instrumental because the blogs themselves have been taken offline.

As these are dumps, links may not work, or, there may be dead ends to multimedia images or videos. The larger point of providing these dumps is to present the text without engaging in the overhead cost (or confusion) of restoring multiple blogs under my authorship. My current perspectives and the state of my life are naturally fortified by these documented periods of my personal history, so they help to establish the premise and context of the blogging I do today.

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