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Mumblecore HTML

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Mumblecore HTML

I see Mumblecore HTML as a text-based composition style for web pages that focuses on clean information delivery and a forward-moving user experience using exclusively server side scripting. It attempts to miminize the use of CSS and Javascript or related methodologies in favor of a handful of simple longstanding HTML tags such as <p>, <strong>, <H1>, etc. -- basically the simplest text elements possible.

This web page is an effort to introduce the term to the web development nomenclature.

Mumblecore sites are not exclusively informational, the style can be utilized by any web production that wishes to speed development and focus on functionality and the quality of user experience and satisfaction. While few examples of enterprise sites exist (Craigslist perhaps being one; it has not changed much in the decade it has existed. It did not mean to be classifed as "Mumblecore" but it nonetheless gives a good idea of what a Mumblecore site might look like at a commercial level).

The point of doing a website in Mumblecore HTML are several:

  • Speeds website development, dramatically
  • Reduces production cost of a website, dramatically
  • Returns the publishing power of the web to regular people
  • Maximizes reach across browsers and devices

Mumblecore HTML should not be used by unlearned or perhaps lazy web developers but seasoned web developers who want an "ink and paper" framework to carry the same professional grade weight and reputation a graphic-rich one does.

Mumblecore HTML Example Sites

Any website that lacks CSS and graphic images might be considered an example of Mumblecore HTML, but to be truly "Mumblecore" a site should be developed with the design strategy in mind at the outset. Here are at least two projects I've worked on that exemplify the spirit if not outright rule of Mumblecore:

Developing the Mumblecore HTML Concept

Currently the sole mandate and criteria of a "Mumblecore HTML website" is that it be text-based only, that it avoids all but miniscule use of CSS, and that it depends on server side scripting for such things as form validation, not client side (using Javascript, for example). Beyond this the concept is wide open to further codification and development. With this website and initial "push" of the format I am only introducing it and evangelizing its continued evolution.

Join the Movement

If you think you want to be part of the movement you might consider following MumbleCoreHTML on Twitter.

You will notice that this explain page for Mumblecore HTML is not itself in Mumblecore, but its actual home page will be. I recently registered the domain and will update the movement agenda there moving forward.

Oh, Why "Mumblecore?"

I was inspired by the native meaning of the word "Mumblecore" which is used to describe a form of cinema where actor dialog and indeed acting form are both presented as natural and authentic to an audience. There is no pretense, no orchestration of manner. Content is exhibited in real time and as genuine to the point being expressed as possible. It works in films of that genere, and I believe it will work fantastic as a web composition approach. Here's the Wikipedia Entry that explains all.

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