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Statement of Identity Correction

If you are researching David E. Pinero or David Earl Pinero for any reason, please be careful not to confuse my name with another individual that occassionally used my complete name and birthdate in his encounters with law enforcement in a period covering the early 1990s through at least 2001. As well there are several David Pineros you might confuse with me, so please read this page fully.

UPDATE: The matter involving my name associated with the cited individual has been resolved. The court records have been corrected. Much thanks to those in the Ft. Myers court system who were patient and worked hard to assist me in clearing the record.

I am NOT this man. This man is James William Morgan who has used my name and birth date.

As for the most prominent impostor, he is James William Morgan of which the whereabouts or his current state of being are unknown. I personally like to believe he cleaned up his life and is living happily and well-adjusted wherever he may be now. This web page is not a judgement or a penalization against him. It is strictly a clarification of our identities since the residual impact of his use of my name as an alias continues to occasionally affect background checks and other cursory searches of my character.

Mr. Morgan has 2 public websites detailing his troubled past.

In both records, David Earl Pinero is explicitely listed as an alias used by Mr. Morgan (Update: The LCSO arrest record no longer presents inmate aliases, please refer to the screenshot I captured taken from their earlier format as evidence. The Florida State Prison still includes alias information). See the LCSO record section, and the Florida State Prison record section. These serve as an official acknowledgement of this fact at both the state and county law enforcement levels.

LCSO Website explicitely lists David Earl Pinero as a preferred alias for James William Morgan.

How Do I "Know" Mr. Morgan?

Short answer: I don't and never did. Mr. Morgan was a one-time and very brief boyfriend of my sister in the early 1990s in Lee County Florida. The extent of my contact amounts to a single meeting in passing as I entered my mother's home to visit just as he and my sister were leaving. It has never been fully established how he obtained such detailed information on me. Unfortunately, listing the reasonable if not obvious possibilities would amount only to reckless speculation and so I will not do so.

Why I Created This Page

I've created this page for the point of clarification to assist both resourceful and casual researchers of my character and identity. Professional backround checkers often rely on indicators including social security numbers in order to properly ascribe individuals to events that may read negatively against them. As a result I have never had a professionally rendered background check come back against me. I have worked as an operator for a burglar alarm monitoring company for many years, and, I passed a required Florida State background check when I dabbled with a career in private investigation. I believe my current position with a large corporation would also require great scrutiny.

However, more casual searchers may rely only on a simple Google search or open arrest and court records. These low-level records typically include only the first and last names, and a birthdate. In the case of this individual's use of my identity, all this information matches my own. The fact that I actually did live in Florida, and, Lee County where the charges he generated are recorded in particular, only lend further false credibility to the information someone may uncover.

This is a dangerous situation for me in that many people researching my character and criminal/arrest record (of which I have none) could easily draw a silent conclusion about me, never confronting me with the question and simply acting on the superficial information they have acquired. It is not unreasonable to expect that decisions may be made against me that I am never made aware of, or that, informally, people may distrust or otherwise find cause to discriminate.

It is for this possibility that I have purposely generated this research vector back to my name. If this page and its information does not satisfy or clarify your concern outright, please be sure to ask or bring this matter up with me in person.

A Court Case of Specific Concern

The specific court case I am most concerned about is Lee County Court Case # 01-MM-000678. This case which leads with a tresspassing incident also includes a charge of petite theft which would of course be disturbing to anyone who finds it.

You may instead view the record here as "Criminal and Traffic Case Record" Case ID 01-MM-000678). However, in the event that the live record is ever removed or the link address changes, here is a static screen capture (click to see the full size):

Although this charge lists my complete name, David Earl Pinero, as the defendant, this court case record of 01-MM-000678 is nonetheless associated with James William Morgan via Booking Record # 237955 which is reviewable via the Florida Lee County Sheriff's website via this link.

Here is a screenshot (of the print-friendly version) in the event the live record or access to it becomes unavailable (click to see the full size):

Here is the same record with the ascribed court cases highlighted:

I cannot explain why the court case record was not updated to correctly reflect James W. Morgan's name but my theory is that while arresting officers properly identified Mr. Morgan's true identity and corrected the arrest record, somehow my name nonetheless was passed on to the court docket system and was not synchronously corrected as it should have been.

Am I Fixing this With the Courts?

Yes but until recently it has not been a priority. As stated elsewhere on this page proper background checks should involve social security number and other data point comparisons that would clear my association to the events and scofflaws mentioned here. As of 2015 I find that both the Lee County website and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement both provide resources to correct these kinds of mistakes, but each process requires an elaborate series of maneuvers, possibly some travelling to Florida, and even minor monetary expense. As such I have been reticent to pay attention to this issue, confident that professional screening houses would never confuse me with these actors. However, I am currently in the job market and have discovered that this information, even without the complete data point checks, still may factor into the selection process. As a result, I am now prioritizing resolution of this issue, although it may not be completely resolved until 2016. I base that estimate on the fact that it took nearly a year to correct the traffic issues caused by my impostor.

Other Incidents

Although the above case is the most concerning, there have been other instances of my identity being abused by both this individual and by beaucratic blunder. Here is a brief summary of each. I will not go into the same level of detail as above, but if you encounter negative official records related to these themes under my name, please double check your resources in more detail and/or address me personally to clarify:

  • The "Citrus County Florida" David Pinero
  • If you do a straight Google search on "David Pinero" these days the second hit result is a Mr. Pinero in Citrus Florida once apparently arrested for what is listed as domestic battery. Again, this is not me. This hit result is unfortunate for me because I too am from Florida and in any casual conversation might mention so. A person could easily run back for the Google search and immediately assume this David Pinero and I are the same if they focus only on the name match and the reference to Florida.

    I am not the David Pinero pictured above. The mug shot should clear things up instantly but one can also check the birthdate and the time which the listed offense occurred (a time in which I had since moved to New York City). At this time this mug shot and police record are directly visible here. However if the live link ever dies you can review this complete screenshot instead.

  • Charges related to leaving the scene of an accident and various other traffic violations

    James William Morgan used my name and birthday in relation to a charge for leaving the scene of an accident and several minor traffic violations in Lee County Florida in and around 1992. These should not reflect in any background checks as I was able to resolve these through the courts and other means. In this case I do have a letter signed by a judge indicating that I am not the individual involved in that incident (image forthcoming). However, be alert to residual information that I have not sufficiently quashed.

  • A Child Support Case

    Approximately 9 months ago (of this writing) I began receiving letters and statements at my new New York City address prompting me to send child support payments to a woman in Florida. After the initial shock of learning that "I" was a father, apparently delinquent in child support payments, I contacted Florida officials to politely redirect the letters to the "real" David Pinero. I have since identified the actual parties involved with this case using Facebook and Google, and, personal information sent to me by Florida State for said parties. I continue to work with them to see to it that the real David Pinero properly assumes child support responsibilities. Researchers should note that the middle name and social security number of this individual are not the same as mine.

Are You Aware of Negative Information?

I take my reputation and the public perception of my integrity very seriously. If you are aware of any official court case in my name, or, have any other concerns, please contact me at once. This includes anyone who has harbored information but perhaps been afraid to confront me. This web page addresses what I believe are all known cases but I am now keen to address anything I'm missing that could still be impacting me.

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