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About Dave the Web Guy "Pages"

In 2018 I consolidated a plethora of standalone blogs and some websites under the framework of my personal blog, Dave the Web Guy (the website you're at now).

These one-time independent presentations are now rolled up into this single one as explicit topic "pages" of their own. Each of these custom index pages utilize categories and other elements to uniquely define them over the master presentation.

Each page typically includes:

  • A naked URL domain that forwards/points to the page
  • A timeline index page (of event milestones regarding the page's topic)
  • A convenient link to all blog entries associated with the page's topic area
  • A convenient link back to the last blog entry dedicated to the page topic
  • A focused Twitter feed dedicated to the page topic (if one exists)
  • Minor production art associated with the page topic
Why Do I Have This?

The point of consolidating one-time independent blogs of disparate subject matter under a single framework is to allow for more efficient management and publishing of content resulting from my numerous interest areas. At the same time however, these pages allow for those benefits while maintaining a unique entry point from the wider web. Unless one browses around, a page follower might never guess that he or she is really visiting a larger blog simultaneously hosting several other topics (not to mention my personal general rants).

After organizing things this way it seems pretty clear that I now have a method and means for producing new pages that never existed before. Thus I will likely be adding more.

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Last updated 7/4/18.

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