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In this section are links to pages that exist as working scripts, artifacts of interest and other deep content productions that are not intended to exist as blog posts.

  • Anchovies Page
  • A page with a picture of anchovies.

  • Dave's List of Desktop Web Happy Blogs
  • Blogs that look good on a desktop PC or laptop, and maybe a tablet. Zero pop-ups and very subtle if any effort to monetize.

  • Dave Cam 24/7
  • I loved the early personal webcams that people ran during the late 90s early 2000s web. So much so I keep one alive even today!

  • Mumblecore HTML
  • I'm working to drum up an advocacy movement for normalizing the development of text-only or "near" text-only websites and pages. The idea is to turn a part of the WWW back into a place where information flows smoothly without the often commercial-driven overhead of graphics and heavy scripts. The challenge of Mumblecore HTML is to keep pages simple but effective.

  • Pages Hosted at Dave the Web Guy

    In 2018 I consolidated a plethora of standalone blogs and some websites under the framework of my personal blog, Dave the Web Guy (the page you're at now). This is a menu of these special interest pages that reflect my range of interests and ramblings.

  • Statement of Identity Correction
  • I have been the victim of identity theft, please click to read why you should be wary of Google searches on my name.

  • Statement of Purpose
  • A literal explanation for my blog and the reasons for much of my outside-of-Facebook web publishing. Stickin' it to the digital man.

  • Webcam Directory
  • One of the charms of the original WWW was the propensity for people to set up little webcams. This page is a manually curated list of webcams like those (including some of those) that exist today. I run my own webcam too.

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