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Understanding The Independent Web By Loss
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If anyone really wants to understand the "problem" of today's web when we talk about the loss of "independence" they should read Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web .

The piece, posted to the web by the UK Guardian a few weeks ago, was written by Hossein Derakhshan who lost visibility to the web while jailed for 8 years (for blogging crimes, in Iran) and thus gained spectacular perspective on the web's "inward" growing trend upon his release.

As this blog unfolds over time I'll dispute some of the long-term gloom and doom implied by the piece, but make no mistake, Hossein is absolutely spot on. The amuck free market, corporatism, greed, the quest for power and control, whatever you might attribute it to, has driven people to flock and amass no further than the boundaries of safe artificial webs over the actual web to both create and consume content. The state of web publishing today is everything people likeHossein and myself dread it might become.

As I say, I am far more optimistic about what to do about the problem, or at least, I am not convinced that the hyper-pop web that is taking over need necessarily mean the loss or value of an independent voice. Scan the comments section of the piece for some great points along those lines made by others, but I will be raising them at this blog as a matter of purpose.

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Understanding The Independent Web By Loss
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