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Did Adam-12 Officer Pete Malloy Murder a Woman?
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I watched an old Adam-12 episode tonight in which I'm pretty sure red-headed Senior Police Officer Pete Malloy murdered a woman.

In Episode 24 a scorned mentally ill woman, Penelope Lang, becomes infatuated with Malloy after a routine traffic stop where he blunts her thinly veiled offer of sex to get out of the ticket.

Penelope Lang

Penelope Lang - apparently "taken out" -- somehow.

The entire episode portrays an escalating series of events whereby Lang stalks Malloy at the police station, fabricates calls for police service hoping to draw him in as part of the response, and even follows him home one night "hoping to learn where he lives".

Episode 24, Adam-12. Officer Pete Malloy Appears to Have Likely Murdered Problematic Mentally Ill Woman, Or Had Sex With Her

None of this behavior against a law enforcement officer, often taking place on the very grounds of a working police facility, triggers an internal security or investigative response of any sort against the woman. The only interest taken by police leadership is finally revealed when Malloy's sergeant confronts and warns Malloy in no uncertain terms to take care of the problem, somehow, before things get worse. Apparently their police captain is "starting to make remarks" in staff meetings.

It's just as Malloy is getting ripped about "his problem" when he learns that Lang has just delivered a brand new "foreign made" car to him outside in the police lot. Fellow officers guide Malloy and the sergeant out to the lot where the car sits with a love note in the windshield along with a waiting salesman eager for Malloy to accept the car so that he can close the deal which includes a $500 commission for himself. The salesman prods Malloy to take the car but Malloy is having none of it and declines to take possession.

At last, with his credibility taking a beating among his co-workers, and his boss warning him over any further problems caused by the woman, a frustrated Malloy appears to hatch a plan. He schedules a day off and then immediately makes a telephone call to Lang. Before she answers, his partner Jim Reed asks him straight up what exactly his plan is. Malloy looks up at him, stares him straight in the face and says he's going to "take her out" .

The episode immediately cuts to Malloy and Reed in their car on their usual patrol, apparently on the day after the date. Reed prods Malloy to reveal the details of what happened but Malloy is coy in describing it as a typical date with the usual night out for dinner, movies, and some dancing. Pausing as if to end his recounting, he suddenly remarks that there was "one more little thing". When Reed asks him what, Malloy looks at him and says ominously, "She isn't going to be a problem anymore."

The episode then cuts instantly to Adam-12's trumpeting theme song and credits, leaving the audience to guess one of two possibilities: He had sex with the woman to appease her into tranquil submission, or he murdered her. It's truly difficult to tell which.

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Did Adam-12 Officer Pete Malloy Murder a Woman?
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My theory is the writers knew what they were doing. This is a 1960s version of an "Easter Egg" and the writers were having a laugh writing an episode where Malloy kills someone while being able to passed off in metaphor as him just having sex with her. In the 60s they would not have considered the fake plot of a cop having sex with a citizen as any big deal so it makes sense.
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