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How to Make a False King
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I still can't wrap my ahead around what social media companies are supposed to do exactly. Remember, the existence of social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are accidents in the first place. If what people do in these services is a problem why discuss the problem in strictly a social media context instead of an internet one? (And of course, I agree the manipulation of media to exploit the emotions, viewpoints, and decisions of people through media IS a problem -- since the advent radio actually -- notice how we aren't besieged by headlines of anything being done about Fox News or CNN who have entrenched viewpoints because TV isn't the internet).

If I were a Russian psy-op agent determined to operate, I'd do it on the World Wide Web directly where I couldn't be blocked or have my account 'deleted'. I mean, of course, where social media had not already eclipsed the open web. Were I actually one as it is today, yes, social media is where I would have to operate to increase effectiveness.

I believe social media companies WANT the power that comes with falsely ascribed responsibility. They take a hit in fines and contortions to their service to meet the expectations of politicians, but at the same time, they are back-handedly made kings, which makes the inconveniences well worth it.

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How to Make a False King
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