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The Ugly Truth About Blogging Today
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People have long stopped writing about what blogging or personal web pages should exist as in the age of social media today. But that doesn't stop my incessant contemplation or regurgitation on the topic, particularly since I wasn't as attuned as professional bloggers were during the transition period for me to be making running commentary. Mostly, if you were to be checking in on my blog or social media content during the implosion of the craft you saw a lot of pouting and angst -- but not much real analysis.

Today though I find myself asking whether or not I would coach someone to blog or to stick to missives and one-shot picture blasts on Instagram, should they have an impulse to share online at all (I say that because of my suspicion that the rise of the quieter and more private interpersonal web is now at hand -- social media is now about to go away, too).

The problem is that the default blogging concept -- or at least the one circa circa 2000 -- of logging regular updates about yourself and your life has ceded to social media techniques where the ever gratifying exposure and 'reaction action' is. It is easier and more efficient to post bits and pieces of yourself to a news feed that coalesces with the bits and pieces of others doing the same thing than it is to maintain the overhead of a blog. Unless you have a spectacular perspective or skill, nobody is going to take the effort to click out of a news feed to find and engage your random thoughts.

I know that the form itself is superior as topic matter becomes more exclusive and richer. But most people, it turns out, are basically living lives at an uninteresting baseline that doesn't justify blogging at a cadence greater than tweeting. It might 'work' for people who do not require the fuel of exposure or the engagement of audience and who may even thrive off the public solitude. But for the most part if you're still posting things to Facebook, you're for all intent and purposes blogging already, and likely quite happily.

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The Ugly Truth About Blogging Today
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