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Passing Thought # 1
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Today's web developers need to permission themselves to create "desktop only" websites. They then need to permission themselves to tell their audience of the fact. I am starting to adorn my various blogs and websites with comments like "this website is intended to be perused with a PC and a cup of coffee; while it may look fine and work on mobile devices, it is not designed with them in mind."

And that's it. My audiences now know they can go about their usual mobile digital lives and when they're finally relaxing at a keyboard, then and ideally, they can swing by my blog or web tool to digest it.

And if they don't own a computer any more? Then I guess my website is only for what is becoming an increasingly distinct technically oriented user base much the same way that IRC still exists for users even though most people are happy with one-to-one text messaging. When your blog isn't about making money but is instead about the thrill of communication and its utility in that process, you care less about the monetary gain and more about the birth and movement of new information.

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Passing Thought # 1
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