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Wilkes-Barre Rail is Spinning Up
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If you've landed here ahead of any kind of announcement about this blog's existence, please announce its existence. Word of mouth is best and in fact I really have no plans to make a big deal about it save for a single tweet or two. Right now I am configuring the blog and beginning to put together its editorial objectives. If you want to keep tabs you can simply bookmark the site and check back occassionally, like the old days. Or, you can subscribe to its RSS feed or its Twitter feed. They'll be an e-mail list companion but I haven't decided what system that will be just yet. If you want to shoot me an e-mail expressing your desire to be included, feel free.

And if you're just curious what this blog is all about, I've written a pretty good synopsis on the about page.

You're going to want to become a regular visitor. I'm great at getting people riled, which is fun, especially when it's the right people to get riled. To really wet your appetite, there will literally be an approximate 62% chance that an offended reader will hunt me down and murder me. So look at this as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of some great progressive drama and be one of those people CNN wants to interview because you were a reader when it went down. Oh, and please avenge me.

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Wilkes-Barre Rail is Spinning Up
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