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Flashpoint Murder
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I find any shooting or murder scary as much as the next guy. But I find this one particularly scary because it leaves me with a sense of foreboding between fortress-mentality residents otherwise rightly focused on the criminal degradation of Wilkes-Barre, and those who feel targeted by them in a grand sweep perspective that all new Wilkes-Barre settlers are in some way responsible for this, as are, of course, all Sherman Hill residents.

From the Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre shooting victim spoke out about drug house.

Yes, in my opinion, given Donald Bachman's in-your-face approach to crime fighting in his neighborhood, it is completely reasonable to suspect that this could be a retaliation killing. But even if the perpetrator turns out to be a non-traditional resident or even a resident of Sherman Hills, how does local speculation get away with alluding that it is anyone fitting these particular demographics?

I fear thoughts and conversation bee-line to Sherman Hills and non traditional residents because Wilkes-Barre is a simmering pot of covert racism and manipulated ignorance. And who knows how that pot will eventually blow. If this is a retaliatory killing directly connected to Bachman's anti-crime efforts, and public perception is that a wide population sector is directly or indirectly responsible for it, are we one step closer to a Ferguson style climate looking for an explosive trigger?

Note: Reader "Karen" rightfully calls me out for sloppily bundling negative sentiments held against Sherman Hills residents with respect to this incident. See the comments for her point and my reply.

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Flashpoint Murder
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