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Why Do I Blog?
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What exactly do I blog about at my blog or more importantly why do I blog anything at all? The blog you're looking at now along with its historical counterparts have always been self-billed as a way to write about my personal life or to shoot off an impulsive thought or idea, particularly if I think it might define me in some meaningful way.

The fossils of my many whims to be about something more or to carry a certain attitude can be spotted by anyone perusing my blogs of old. Taken in their totality, it seems changes in my circumstances are what I blog about most alongside changes in my voice. I blog with a kind of "borderline personality disordered" worldview where I'm careful to frame my context, oblivious to the theater construct, and sometimes following up by the harsh realities of miscalculating.

Yes, my past blogging has suffered from serious topic and mechanical diffusion, withheld too much honesty, but it has at least chronicled my wayward tracks through momentous shifts in my life from Tampa, to New York City, back to my hometown, and now, my life here in Buffalo with Nirva. I have at times ridiculously believed this to be a technical advice blog, a creative writer's outlet, a "buzz feed" supplier, a comedic platform and a registry of information for those Googling my name. With no consistency to my manner I can fairly say that past blogging has been a slightly more complicated way of posting superfluous thoughts to Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps I am driven more by my enthusiasm for building blogging engines (Battle Blog in particular) and a natural expectation that I reach to use them, even if I have nothing to say.

With this iteration I hope to change some of this. I am going to strive to be richer, starker, more direct and more honest with my sentences about the things going on around me and in my life. To be sure there are issues and topics I obsess over, but exactly because I do obsess over them I often talk about them at separate blogs I've developed for that purpose. My project list spells them out.

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Why Do I Blog?
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