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Fine Arts Fiesta Made Home Feel Like Home
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At Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta

After this, it's time for funnel cake.

Saturday I dropped in on the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta toting behind "Uncle Mike" and his wife Dawn. Since I've been back I've yet to see Public Square genuinely populated, although I understand our Farmer's Market is a ripping affair. I'm looking forward to getting to one or two of those down the line. Aside from the food, charming band shell entertainment and of course the art, I happened on one-time local news anchor Kathy Bozinski. I haven't seen her since I left town in the mid-80s when she anchored news on WBRE.

This was a pleasant and nostalgic happenstance but I didn't recognize her out of hand. I simply noticed a woman (oh okay a fine tall blonde woman , what am I, dead? ) properly taking horizontal pictures with an iPhone and remarked to her how refreshing it was to see someone "doing it right".

Let me explain that. See, it's infuriating to me that most of the two-footed population won't stop sticking up their phone cameras vertically to take pictures or shoot video. Vertical pictures need to be edited to account for their unnatural longness and black side-crops when shared outside the actual device. Despite this, people keep doing it. So when someone does it right I notice. Or as in this case, even remark. She joked back in the affirmative before walking away and we shared a good chuckle. Moments later, another woman scampered by calling out to her by her last name. I mused that the name sounded familiar and then put it together with a vague physical recognition. Kathy Bozinski! What an icon of my early days just before leaving in 1987! Not only was she a dominant local TV personality of the day she became a professor at LCC during my sole semester of college there. A school-paper colleague of mine interviewed her for one of our issues at the time. It's kind of a bummer I didn't recognize her right away as it would have made my quip and our exchange sweeter.

Between that and the bustling Public Square itself, it really felt like my home town again for the first time since being back!

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Fine Arts Fiesta Made Home Feel Like Home
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