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Will Train to New York Be Safer Than Bus?
wbrail Cutoff
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One of the biggest fall-outs of a stunted Lackawanna Cutoff project is the angst of Pocono home buyers who feel cheated because they hastened their home purchases on the enthusiasm that rail would 'soon' connect the Poconos and New York City. That may happen one day but it's pure folly to speculate when; the project is not seriously on anyone's action agenda. This blog probably represents the hottest talk going on about it today.

This WNEP coverage of today's deadly bus accident on Route 380 includes much expression over the anxiety involved in traversing the roads leading into New York City. I call it a "dangerous highway network" that accidents like this exemplify. Trains have been having their issues lately, sure, but statistically we all know there are thousands of bus and car casualties daily over those of trains. The value of a rail network, which will otherwise not beat road travel times between Wilkes-Barre and New York under the current scantily laid plans for it, will pool more in comfort and the commuter's idea of less risk.

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Will Train to New York Be Safer Than Bus?
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