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Does Lack of Professional PR Hurt Wilkes-Barre?
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Does lack of money which means lack of professional PR hurt Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County government? I keep thinking about the places I've been in my life and nearly all of them have had local economies strong enough to support teams of people editing copy and printing glossy brochures for the city, or, in today's context, creating and consistently maintaining good looking web pages with intelligent and outwardly reported information to the public. And in these communities there have always been the same old anti-government/anti-tax lots who decry something as airy and seemingly valueless as quality public interfacing, but the levels of PR that remain even after such attacks were still, relatively speaking, good .

Screenshot of partial Wilkes-Barre website front page.

Wilkes-Barre's Website should be powerful informational conduit.

In some weird way I think the region's woes would be lifted a bit by paying a firm to take over government communication far beyond the basics. And if there already is a firm, well, then I mean paying it more so that it can do more.

There's something people see in a professional presentation that conveys strength and stability. To be sure, Wilkes-Barre certainly has the basic website and many Wilkes-Barre agencies are using it as well as running dedicated Facebook pages (well, at least one is, the Wilkes-Barre police department). But the website is minimially supported and you don't get the feeling the city's current leadership is really all that into it. I hope that changes one day because getting Wilkes-Barre's high speed rail system will require "the cost for value" to compel big business to return to Wilkes-Barre, first.

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Does Lack of Professional PR Hurt Wilkes-Barre?
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