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Vote for Frank Sorick
wbrail Crime
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WBRAIL is advocating a vote for Frank Sorick as Wilkes-Barre's next mayor. I'll be voting tommorow and will pull or press whatever to do so, and I suggest everyone else do the same. You too Linda Urban, I like your style.

I am advocating this vote on a trail that departs somewhat from his campaign theme. "Corruption" does exist but in my mind it's a manipulative exaggerated focus and root cause that is never meaningfully substantiated. I mean, christ, the mayor filled up his car with city gas in a fuzzy rule set that at the end of the day says he was allowed to. Seriously? Crime too. Yeah I see the headlines and Facebook groups harking about every single shooting, but I'm not convinced that this problem isn't already being addressed by a fairly competent police force doing the best it can on the budge it has. Tony or Frank are not going to prance into office and wave some magic wand that overrides what is already being done or what can be done. The real problem? There is such a lack of positive growth in the city that only the noise of crime is left to hear along, perhaps, with the voices of those who want to be as hearable as possible because it benefits them politically. Either politician is guilty of this and it's a stench that has to be overlooked.

So if corruption and crime are not real issues, at least in the sense of what's truly holding back Wilkes-Barre, what is it?

Well, how about a lack of focus on locally binding education, intelligence, transparency, innovative embrace, an optimistic outlook, and a decidedly shrewd demeanor? Only Frank, by my measure, exhibits a personality and willingness to incorporate and tunnel through with these concepts. I don't just want "crime" to be the sole action agenda for Wilkes-Barre because I don't believe a "fortress mentality" will bring Wilkes-Barre its New York City rail connection. A prosperous society that functions as the younger society expects it to will take care of crime in the long-run. Frank gets it, despite a campaign slogan against Tony George that can effectively have been summed up like this, "Frank Sorick for Mayor, Because...C'mon".

God speed Frank. I'm leaving the area for what might be a very long time, but this blog and my eye will be here everyday. I know I'm right about calling this shot and expect great things to sprout from a twist on the old.

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Vote for Frank Sorick
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