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As this website champions Wilkes-Barre's progress toward its future as a major northeast hub connecting Philadelphia and New York City via high speed rail, you'll now have a modern popular commenting system with which to agree or doubt.

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WBRAIL is now using the DISQUS comment engine. Enjoy the convenience of your current DISQUS profile right here at WBRAIL. Online Wilkes-Barrians really love their DISQUS as it is the same system used by other area bloggers, the Citizens Voice, and, once, even the Times Leader.

Truth be told I would have much preferred to keep my native comment engine active but it required system registration which in turn would have, effectively, required maintaining an SSL certificate so that people could set up accounts securely. Those aren't exactly cheap. DISQUS is secure and well-networked and provides me an abundance of moderation tools as well as comment portability in the event I need to move the site later. Enjoy using it was we push for rail!

As of this entry time there might be a bug or two with respect to the integration, but I've taken great pains to test the various use case scenarios and so far so good. Let me know if there are any problems.

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