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Wilkes-Barre City Council Videos Will Happen
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I left Facebook briefly (you can read about why at my personal blog, though, if you know me personally you could have also predicted that I'd be back in a few weeks - can't keep away) and completely missed hearing about Beth Gilbert's success at bringing video recordings of Wilkes-Barre Council meetings to the public.

It happened at a city council meeting on May 12 and as speculated in my previous post the cost to pull it all off will be minuscule - $600. But for that little bit of money the effects will be far-reaching and transformative. It's hard to tell how much Mayor George had anything to do with it but at least we can say he apparently isn't hampering the project; it's going to happen. Videos will be recorded using the purchased equipment and then uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel. Prior to the vote to make this happen the Times Leader ran an editorial in support of the move complete with eloquent reasoning as to the whys.

Capture of a section of Wilkes-Barre city website showing downloadable agendas.

Online Minutes Add to Digital Population of Wilkes-Barre City Council Meetings

This isn't the only bit of digital transparency entering the newfound Wilkes-Barre technological zeitgeist, I see by perusing the Facebook feed of weeks old that Tony George has capped the advance by pointing out that council minutes will also be made available at the city website.

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Wilkes-Barre City Council Videos Will Happen
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